Another Local Online Publication Publishes Legal Notices , the local online new site covering Edmonds, Washington, has begun, with the blessing of the City of Edmonds,  publishing legal notices on this site at the same time that the dead tree newspaper of record receives them.

Teresa Wippel has a refreshing view of reader engagement and how legal notices fit in:
  • "Our collective opinion as a member of the community is that the more citizens that are exposed to the activities of their government, the more  engaged the citizenry will be. As the primary source of local news in the community, publishing notices is an important component of and certainly newsworthy.
  • "Given our reach and local coverage, while state law currently prohibits it, we hope soon to be the official legal notice publication in our city."
  • "There was virtually no cost or development necessary on our end to put the site up. We provided one link on our nav bar and were up and the got us up and running running very quickly."
One has to figure that despite impressive lobbying efforts by newspapers that online publications' voluntary publishing of legal notices could ultimately compel state legislators to include them in the mix of "official" publications.
The legal notice business is estimated to be a $1 billion pure profit business for newspapers nationwide. Savvy online publications are threatening that franchise.