MINNESOTA- County of 340,000 Awards Legal Notice Designation to Publication with Circulation of 400, Saving $50,000

Here's a story that illustrates the absurdity of the requirement to publish legal notices in print. MinnPost reported that the Anoka County Minnesota Board designated the Anoka County Record, a free publication with a circulation of 400, the official legal publication of Anoka County. 

The criteria used for official legal notice publication designation varies from state to state and often from county to county. The purported rationale for publishing notices in print is to notify the public of governmental activities so a publication with wide ranging circulation that is affordable is often chosen. In Anoka County according to MinnPost, the choice was between a publication with declared circulation of 4,200, or the Record. Given that neither option reaches 90% of the county's population, the Board decided that they should save the taxpayers' money by placing their notices in The Record.

County Commissioner Matt Look summed up: “Ninety-nine point nine percent of the people don’t give a hoot about public notices,”