NY-Long Island Town Designates an Official Online Publication of Record for Legal Notices

In what appears to be a first in the world of public notices, the council of of the town of Riverhead, NY on Long Island unanimously (5-0) designated the Riverheadlocal.com as it's "official online publication of record." In addition, according to publisher Denise Civiletti, the local school district has done the same. The notices on the Riverheadlocal allow readers to be alerted via email or text if a specific type of notice is published. They provide mapping capabilities to meetings. In addition an easy to read calendar view let's you see what is upcoming as well as faceted search to just view certain types of notices. The local Patch publication provides no notices and the Riverhead News Review doesn't seem to post them at all. There was no indication given as to the cost of the notices. Here is an indication of the press and government working together to educate and enlighten the citizenry.

Congratulations to the Riverhead Local and the town of Riverhead for taking this big step.