Proposed Bill Will Force Mass. Public Entities To Continue to Pay for Legal Notices in Print

The Massachusetts House of Representatives, according to , unanimously approved a bill that preserves the right of newspapers to charge the public to publish public information legal notices in print. The bill does have a nifty name ... The Electronic Publication of Legal Notices Act. While it provides for online publication of notices, what it really does is preserve the antiquated practice of forcing local governments, school districts and utitlities to pay for notices in print. 

"Readership for newspapers is down." says Representative John Fernandes. Representative Jeffrey Roy says "Readership of print papers has taken a sharp decline."

So the legislation, assuming it passes the senate and is signed by the governor, will continue the practice of forcing the taxpayers to pay for notices in print. Online readership is up and the notices are free online.

After figuratively handing the newspaper publishers a taxpayer funded check for several million dollars, Roy thanked the Massachusetts Newspaper Publishers Association.