TEXAS-Galveston County Commissioner: "No one is Reading the (Public) Notices" in Local Newspaper. Rebidding on Projects Required

A request for bids notice published in the Galveston County Daily News yielded so few bids that  Galveston (TX) County Commissioner Ryan Dennard blasted the whole notion of having to advertise in the newspaper, reported the Daily News . Dennard noted that the lack of bids forces them to re-bid and adds expense and time to county-wide projects. There does however appear to be some friction between the newspaper and Dennard as Daily News mentioned that County recently pulled the contract to publish public notices out of the Daily News and placed them in The Post of Galveston County. By our calculations, a county the size of Galveston (300,000) could yield several hundred thousand dollars in public notices. That lost revenue is probably why the Daily News is appealing the decision.

Sounds like a lot of wasted money and energy just to publish notices in print.